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Yaga’s Fire

Collective Creation

"Yaga’s Fire" is based on the Russian/Slav story of ’Vassilissa the Wise’. A reworking of an old folk tale that has pierced deep into the collective conscience.

A young persons show that has been designed for theatres and indoor spaces

“Yaga’s Fire” is freely inspired from the world of the legendary story of Baba Yaga.

In Slavic mythology this witch is regarded as a pivotal figure of Russian shamanism.


Vasilissa the Wise is a young, mistreated orphan who is forced to face up to this terrifying old woman. Aided by her doll, Pipi, she journeys through the Forest and is captivated by it’s spirit. Joy is transformed into ecstasy, fears into bliss. Awe into wonder, death into rebirth....Through this initiation into the world of the Yaga, she will attain the desired fire.

Vassilisa {JPEG}

Pig-woman, She-snake, Cock-omatic automaton and Magic-glowworms inhabit this theater of the unexpected. Pioneering trees, carnivorous plants, crazy weeds and fungi flowers invade this magical universe of the unspeakable.


"Yaga’s Fire" is an animated fairy tale, reduced to the essential, that delivers more than it tells. An oneiric fresco populated by evocative sounds and ingenious mechanisms that lead us to explore fundamental sensations.

Fairy Tales evolved through centuries of oral trasmission. Multiple variations of commonly known folk stories appeared around the world, acquiring regional accents and cultural deviations as they were told and re-told down through the generations.

The advent of transcribing these stories inevitably expurgated them of their shocking impact. Leaving out many of the nuances, which were arbitrarily added in order to enrich the storytelling, this has left us with unchangeable and sanitised tomes. These publications softened the original stories adapted to the new cultural demands, to establish an increasingly acceptable ‘Kingdom of Tale’. Effectively, only the first transcriptions of the last verbal performances can do justice to the powerful intentions of the originals.

Embellished with references both visual and aural, the company creates a world between dream and memory.

Yaga’s Fire - Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes from Buchinger’s Boot on Vimeo.

"Yaga’s Fire" is a Buchinger’s Boot collective creation

The group 2011

Mafalda da Camara (P) - puppeteer, puppets, costumes, set design, photography

Karine Dumont (F)- puppeteer, composer

Stan Roblès (F) - puppeteer, set construction

Julian Weare (UK) - lighting design, special effects, sound technician

We wish to especially thank:

Richard Penny

Oriol Valadomiu - sound design Marie Massé - costumes Dave 2000 - graphic design and Aymeric Roussel, Alex Querel, Camille Chabert, Archeopterix, Jackie Vallet, Mohammed Sellah, Natacha Muslera, Myriam Colas et Franck Omer for having participated in the creation

co-production with the Theatre Massalia, Marseille

See online : FACEBOOK


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